John Allen figures

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This page shows HO (1:87) John Allen figures currently available.

 The figure picture is below the description of the figure.

Gordo Sorfeetz

Gordo Sorfeetz is the oldest of the Sorfeetz brothers gang.  His name is dual purpose-

  • Gordo is short for Gordon as in Gordon Varney who applied John Allens story telling pictures to advertise his Varney products.  Gordo was my first released figure and was named as a tribute to Mr. Varney. 
  • Gordo is also the short familiar name for Fat one.
  • Gordo is armed with a hand gun with extra ammo in his gun belt.  In his left hand is a clay Pulque cup that he refills more often than his pistol.

Gordo is available as a painted figure for $7 each or $3 as a raw unfinished casting.

Mitad Sorfeetz

Mitad is the Middle brother in the Sorfeetz gang and his name means middle in Equadorian Spanish.  Mitad is armed with a rifle and two bandolers of ammunition.    Mitad gets quite a bit of unrequested advise from his older brother.  With characteristic aplumb, he says advise is worth what you pay for it.

Available fully painted $7 or unpainted RAW casting $3.

Pequeno Sorfeetz

Pequeno is no longer available until his mold is redesigned

Retired Diesel Salesman

The retired Diesel salesman (RDS) or hanging man was the key element in one of the most remembered John Allen photographs.  To quote from the book "when a diesel salesman came to call, the unsympathic G.D crew summarily lynched him from Hangman's bridge, near Daphetid" See photograph -page 59 in Model Railroading with John Allen by Linn Westcott. ISBN number 0-89024-599-2

RDS is available fully painted for $7 or unpainted for $3.  Noose is not included.

Archibald Peter van Slurp - on top of car

Horace P. Vestibule III - inside car

What is left of Car is NOT included with figures

 Two more robust figures from the G&D photographs.  How Horace and Arch-bar Pete joined the G&D is decribed in great detail in Model Railroading with John Allen as cited.

Archibald Peter van Slurp is available fully painted for $7 each or unpainted $3 each.

Horace P. Vestibule III is available fully painted for $7 each or unpainted $3 each.